Santo Tirso

The first store of the Group founded in 1892. Own production, Moura has maintained the refinement of all products for 125 years.

Bom Sucesso

The first kiosk for sale and promotion of Moura. Ideal to order online and pick them up or taste some of the specialties, in such emblematic Oporto market.

Porto Downtown

The newest store of the Group comes full of news for breakfast and lunch. At downtown Oporto, it is the perfect place to walk around and taste one of our sweets of ancestral recipe.


Pastelaria e Confeitaria Moura was born in 1892 to sweeten our days and produces a huge variety of delicacies of ancestral recipe, being the Jesuits the great specialty.

For 125 years the artisanal recipe has been kept in a closed secret, always in the same family.

The main value results fundamentally of the authenticity of the manufacture, the careful selection of the feedstock and the rhythm of the production time.

There is no feedstock or product that is artificially stored in Siberian freezers.

Everything that one day is made, that same day is exhausted. The cult of good taste is practiced, making love and art.



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Santo Tirso

Rua Sousa Trepa, 56
4780-554 Santo Tirso
252 852 852

Bom Sucesso

Praça do Bom Sucesso, 132
4200-132 Porto
927 944 552

Porto Downtown

R. Rodrigues Sampaio, 115
4000-425 Porto
223 163 207

Porto Downtown

Week  8:00 − 19:30
Saturday  9:00 − 19:30
Closed on Sunday and on holidays.

Santo Tirso ​e Bom Sucesso

Everyday and on holidays  8:00 − 19:30h ​



Online orders will only be accepted when made for the next day and made until 7pm.

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